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Pot and Cloche Garden Podcasts

Mar 26, 2018

In this episode (Part one of two) sponsored by Joff Elphick talks to Johns Sales. John has just brought out a book; Shades of Green-My Life as The National Trust Head of Gardens (Unicorn). John talks of his early memories as a wartime child and of catching the gardening bug. We go on to discuss his first job in a nursery growing Cape Heaths, begonias, and cyclamen for the christmas market.

Of particular interest is his account of working with Graham Stuart Thomas, and of Graham's legendary work ethic. He meets 'sloans' for the first time, and has a cleverly orchestrated 'interview' at 'The Trust' where he 'bumps into' Lord Antrim on the stairs."Afternoon tea anyone?"

I produce a photo of holders of The Victoria Medal of Honour, of which John is one, and we reel off the names that shared the medal with him on it's centenary celebration; Christo Lloyd, Adrain Bloom, Valerie Finnis, Roy Lancaster, Graham Stuart Thomas, Penny Hobhouse and more. It's a real who's who of horticulture!

In part two of this interview we talk more about the book, of The Trust's gardens, more on G.S.T. and also Pam and Sybil.

The episode ends with our regular feature of 'A Product Review' with my long time gardening friend Geoff Carr (

In part two of this interview we talk about his book, of The Trust's Gardens, more on G.S.T., Sissinghurst, Pam and Sybil and more.

Many thanks once again to our lovely sponsors mywindowbox 'Bringing the garden to your window'. (