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Pot and Cloche Garden Podcasts

Sep 24, 2022

In this episode sponsored by the amazing Genus Gardenwear Joff talks to a number of the interesting exhibitors that can be found at The Malvern Autumn Show.

  • Andie from Dahlia Beach tells us how her company, the first cut-your-own Dahlia farm in the UK came about. She also telss us about her plans to open the farm for 'dig your own' dDahlia plants at the thend of October. (It's a secret at the moment. keep it to yourself!!)
  • David Whittaker is from the National Hedge Laying Society and with his superb mobile trailer of bonsai'd hawthorn hedges explains all the different styles of hedge laying in the country.
  • Clive Saunders is a passionate private collector of early 20th century free standing engines that were often used  on farms and in workshops where belt drivenn tools were employed. It's a fascination subject that can become very addictive. Clive tells us that no-one ever has just one machine despite their best intentions.