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Pot and Cloche Garden Podcasts

Sep 20, 2022

In this Episode  sponsored by Genus Gardenwear I talk to Tamsin Westhorpe about her latest book Grasping the Nettle - tales from a modern country gardener.

Tamsin is a hands-on gardener who opens her garden Stockton Bury near Leominster to the public. She had worked as a parks greenkeeper, an interior landscaper, she had her own shop, and is probably best known for holding the position of Editor at The English Garden magazine. 

We discuss her childhood in the 70's. Being brought up surrounded by chickens and other crestures. Her holidays to Poole in Dorset where she spent a lot of time in her Aunty Margie's garden. 

Her transition to gardener wasn't a lightbulb moment.

We talk of catching a boyfriends while dissecting pig's hearts, art college, and summer days spent untangling Clematis at her uncle's nursery. 

She became a lecturer which was the most character building period of her life.

The commute from Herefordshire to The English garden in Cheltenham involved a commute by scooter. (It didn't last long)

During lockdown she became an international speaker talking to gardeners in America, Japan, the Uk and beyond.