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Pot and Cloche Garden Podcasts

Mar 27, 2019

In this episode sponsored by MYWINDOWBOX Joff travels to London to visit the old Horticultural Halls in Islington where the annual Garden Press Event is held for all members of the Horticultural Press to come along and look at products old and new. 

Joff talks to Johanna of Stone Globe Lights, a beautifully made range that are designed to blend in whatever your local stone and whatever the time of day or night. 

Simon from Willow Wand has an interesting product comprising woven willow wands that can be planted in pots or open ground to make an attractive quick growing topiary feature

Hugh Frost showed me the product range from Grazers. This liquid formulae is applied to plants to prevent pest damage and has no effect on the the food chain or the garden ecosystem.

Neil Urry from Vegepod has travelled 12,000 miles to bring us his raised vegetable growing platform. With its hinged hood and integrated irrigation system it's popular throughout the world.

The final product I look at is the Hotbin composting system. Cheryl describes how it's constructed from a hardwearing and efficient insulating material and breaks food and garden waste down into compost in record time. Because of the heat generated kitchen scraps can also be added.

Thank you to everyone for their time.

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